DIY Guide to Tackling Weeds and Unwanted Grass

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We're Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home, and it's an honor to be here today to talk about all things yard maintenance! We have to say, when it comes to lawn care, the idea can be overwhelming in the middle of a busy life. Beyond mowing and a few flower installments here and there, we honestly just haven't had the time this season to maintain it as much as we'd like. We're always looking for easy tools for our yard and know that we definitely don't want to use scary chemicals. So, we're thrilled to tell you it really doesn't have to be a difficult process. Today we're sharing the DIY guide to tackling weeds and unwanted grass!

Discovering Green Gobbler

Ever since we discovered Green Gobbler last year for safe and effective products for the home, we've fallen in love with their products. Living with a septic system, we have to be selective and intentional about what we bring into our home.

This includes cleaning supplies and other essential things, like drain cleaners. It's also important to us with our children, to avoid any dangerous, harsh fumes. Then we found Green Gobbler, and there was no turning back since we were thrilled with such a no-mess, safer solution. No more gross, clogged drains {or family drama} in our house.

Green Gobbler Also Offers a Weed Killer

So naturally, we were thrilled to discover that Green Gobbler also makes a 20% vinegar weed killer.

Our yard has needed a ton of work this spring, and we couldn't wait to try it out and gave it a whirl. We have to say, we're excited for a DIY approach to tackling weeds and unwanted grass. We don't need a yard service to constantly service our yard and spray for weeds. We don't need to bribe our kids to go pull weeds {we all know how that will turn out, can ya blame them?}. We also don't need sketchy weed killers with questionable ingredients. This is a simple DIY solution for unwanted weeds in the yard, and we're thrilled to add it to our arsenal and share it with everyone!

It's exciting to know we can maintain our yard safely and easily. It's the perfect DIY solution.

Expanding and Maintaining Outdoor Living Spaces

We recently expanded our outdoor living space and love entertaining outside. It's crazy how much larger your home can feel when you use the outdoors, too. But this spring, it needed a little maintenance that we'd fallen behind on in all those little living spaces. It's crazy how letting go of something simple can cause weeds to grow really quickly in your yard. We knew we definitely needed to get it under control.

Everyone has weed issues that keep coming back year after year. They're just a total eyesore at the very least.

Limited Weed Killer Options.

I remember pulling weeds as a child in our own front yard growing up, by hand, as a chore. We would complain about it for hours. I can honestly say that while it probably built great character {or something else people say to make themselves feel better} I don't have time for that now as an adult. So, we're always looking for an easy & safer solution.

The other option, of course, is a weed killer. In the past, we've been hesitant to use too many chemicals in our yard, since we've also read about the scary side effects of other, more dangerous weed killers. No thank you.

So when we heard about Green Gobbler's 20% Vinegar Weed Killer, we were so excited to try it.

Green Gobbler Weed Killer Is a Safer Solution.

Green Gobbler Weed Killer is made of 20% pure vinegar, derived naturally from corn, and is OMRI certified for organic use.

I don't know about you guys, but that makes us feel better about using it in our yard. It's just a safer alternative to harmful and toxic chemicals like glyphosate {it took me a minute to pronounce that one since I'm most definitely not a chemist} and other traditional weed killers.

It's also free of sulphates, bleach, dyes, or chloride. We're especially sensitive about what our pups can be exposed to when they play in the yard after weed treatment. Green Gobbler gives us peace of mind as an organic solution and a safer option.

Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer is a horticultural vinegar biopesticide. That means it's great for non-selective control of broadleaf weeds and grasses, so it effectively kills unwanted weeds in the places you don't want them. It's ready to use, with no dilution required. We simply popped on the spray cap and sprayed the product on any unwanted weeds. We were really cautious around any plants that we want to keep around. After just a few hours, when we went back outside to check the progress, the weeds were wilted. We. Are. Amazed.

Because we help clients in their own homes, creating both indoor and outdoor spaces that they can love, we couldn't wait to tell everyone we know about Green Gobbler for simple yard maintenance. It's truly like magic and takes care of all those unwanted weeds and grasses oh so quickly! A definite must-have to maintaining the yard in a simple way. I think we could all use a little simple in our lives.

An Easy DIY Solution for Weeds and Yard Maintenance.

Now that we've discovered Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer, we're thrilled for this easy DIY solution. It's such a simple tool to incorporate into our everyday life when it comes to yard maintenance. It's major peace of mind while doing so, for the win. We absolutely love Green Gobbler products and what they can do for both inside our home and our backyard space!

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