Here's How to Mask the Strong Smell of Vinegar

While vinegar is a magical cleaner that you can use on almost any surface, its strong odor can make cleaning a little bit of a challenge.

Of course, over time, the smell will dissipate, but you shouldn’t have to wait around for the smell to fade. Here’s how to mask the smell of white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar without affecting its cleaning power.


Add in a lemon: Combat the smell of vinegar with another one of nature’s own creations: a lemon. Add a lemon peel to the vinegar/vinegar mix. The lemon peel won't eliminate the smell completely, but it will mask it significantly. 


  • The longer you leave the peel in the mixture, the more it will tame the smell of the vinegar. Try leaving the mixture alone for a couple of days before using it to clean.
  • If you don't love lemons, you can add in an orange peel. While you're at it, add in some fresh herbs and spices, too. 
  • Sure, lemons and oranges smell great, but did you know citrus peels can help with the cleaning process? Citrus peels contain D-Limonene, which is a great degreaser. 

Drop-in some essential oils: Lavender, peppermint, rosemary — whatever you’ve got! It’ll disguise the harsh smell of vinegar instantly. Add around 30 drops per gallon of vinegar. That should do the trick. 

Use a pinch of baking soda. Do you put baking soda in your fridge to absorb odors? It works just the same for vinegar. Mix a half cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar to create a creamy surface cleaner. Add in a tablespoon of dish soap for extra cleaning power. 

Play around with a few different ratios to create a cleaner that works best for you. If it’s the smell that’s holding you back from using vinegar, we hope this gave you a few ideas.


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