How to Remove Odors Coming From Your Sink

Do you smell something coming from your kitchen sink? If left unchecked, your sink drain could ooze awful smells from deep within the bowels of your plumbing system. But before you call a plumber or stuff flowers into your sink drain to mask the odor, here are a few ways you can completely eliminate the stench. 

Eliminate Sink Drain Odors

Drain OpenersIf your drain smells, the first step to take is using a drain opener to ensure you have nothing clogging up your plumbing. Use a drain cleaner that is non-corrosive and safe for all kinds of pipes. If you use toxic chemical drain openers, you could exacerbate your plumbing problems. Use a drain opener like this, which will break down clogs and buildup in order to free up your drains.

Vinegar. It won't harm your drains or pipes and will deodorize and remove any foul smells by neutralizing the odors. Just pour some all-natural white vinegar down the drain and flush with water.

Drain Deodorizer Strips. In order to get the full effect of deodorizing your drains, top off all your hard work by putting a Drain Deodorizing Strip down your drain. These sticks will keep your drains free-flowing and odor-free for weeks, as they slowly disintegrate over time.

Your sink should now be odor-free!

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