Is Orange Oil Good for Wood Furniture?

Out of all of the surfaces in your home or business, wood is probably the one that raises the most concern in terms of proper care. Using the wrong product to clean wood furniture can ruin its finish, leading it to needing to be newly refinished or replaced.

So how can you ensure that your wood furniture is both sanitary and safe? We have the answer: Orange oil!

An all-natural product derived from cold pressing orange peels, orange oil is not only safe to use on wood, but its natural properties leaves surfaces truly clean. We'll give you the lowdown on the benefits of using orange oil and how best to utilize this great cleaner on wood.

Benefits of Orange Oil for Wood

Orange oil is a natural product, which means that it doesn't contain harmful chemicals like most other cleaners. This is a big reason orange oil is safe to use on wood, as it means there's nothing in it to compromise the integrity of the wood’s finish. In fact, orange oil helps to polish wood finishes to bring back their original luster and sheen. What’s more, orange oil forms a protective layer on top of your wood, helping to prevent dust build-up and making future dusting a breeze.

Orange oil’s benefits aren’t just for wood. It's also a great cleaner to use in other areas of your building, helping to cut through grease and grime buildup in kitchen areas and on floors. Perhaps the best part about using orange oil is its natural fresh, clean scent, which, unlike chemical-based fragrance compounds, doesn’t lead to poor indoor air quality.

Applying Orange Oil to Wood

Applying orange oil to your wood surfaces is easy. Simply spray on, and buff with a soft cloth to a nice sheen. And because orange oil is great at cutting through grease and dirt on wood furniture, it's a great product for furniture restorers to use to remove years of built-up grime before refinishing a peice.

For a great orange oil cleaner option, try our Green Gobbler Cold Pressed Orange Oil. This orange oil is cold pressed, which preserves its degreasing qualities to ensure you receive a powerful cleaning product. Not only is it safe to use on wood furniture, it can be used on metal, glass, granite, porcelain, rubber, plastic and more. Just one bottle of our concentrate creates up to 22 bottles of cleaner.

When you’re done cleaning, you can count on enjoying a lovely orange scent. Give our Cold Pressed Orange Oil a try today and see the difference it can make keeping your wood furniture clean and germ-free.

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