The Best Way to Dilute Vinegar for Cleaning

White vinegar has been used for hundreds of years for all different kinds of things — the most obvious is cooking. But vinegar is also used in beauty products, medicine, maintenance and cleaning.

When you clean around the house, you'll likely have lots of different products for different tasks. You might have a degreaser for your stovetop, a cleaner for your kitchen counters, a glass cleaner for windows and mirrors, and lots of other products that fill up your cleaning cupboard.

When it comes to minimizing the space and money spent on different products, vinegar is the thing you need. It's the perfect all-purpose cleaner that can be used all around the house for all surfaces in need of a wipe down. Keeping a gallon of vinegar in your cleaning closet is the most efficient way to save space and money.

How Do I Dilute Vinegar for Cleaning?

Keeping a gallon of vinegar in the house is a great alternative to having 10 different cleaning products. But different surfaces do require different concentrations of vinegar in order to work the most efficiently and not damage surfaces.

When you're ready to start cleaning with vinegar, you'll want to do some research on the desired concentration of vinegar that should be used on certain surfaces of your home. Once you've done the research, we have a great vinegar dilution calculator for you:


Simply enter the information and you'll be given instructions on the best way to dilute your vinegar to create the perfect cleaner! It's as simple as that.