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Here’s a riddle for ya… What can you use to clean your house, kill weeds, dress your salad AND flavor your potato chips? 

If you guessed the ever so versatile vinegar, you’d be correct! 

Vinegar can be used for SO MANY things that we might not have even believed were possible. While there is a difference between culinary versus cleaning, the wonders of vinegar are endless. Below is a list of uses for vinegar that you may have never thought of. 

 30 Uses for Vinegar

spraying and killing dandelion

Kill weeds - Vinegar is great for dehydrating weeds until they wither away. Spray the weeds on your walkway or in your garden to obliterate them in one fell swoop! 

Adjust pH level of soil - Naturally lower the pH of your soil and make it more acidic with vinegar. Since plants thrive in a neutral or slightly acidic environment, it’s a good idea to mix some vinegar into your soil. 

Deter spiders, mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, & more - Bugs despise the smell of vinegar, and it disorients them. Spray vinegar around to keep flies, spiders, ants, and other pests away from desired areas.

Perk up plants - Plants sometimes get saggy and depressed. Spritz some vinegar solution on them to liven them up!

paint brush soaking

Clean paint brushes - Sometimes no matter how much you wash them, your paint brushes still have hardened paint on them. Soak them in vinegar to remove old paint and soften the bristles, too!

Degrease your kitchen - Vinegar is great for cutting through grease. Spritz some vinegar around and wipe down your stove, oven, microwave, or cabinets that may have grease or sludge on them from cooking.

Deodorize - Vinegar is a powerful deodorizer. Use it to easily neutralize bad smells around the house, including yucky bathroom smells, overpowering food smells, musty basement smells, and more!

Clean metal - Metal can easily get rusty and stained. Wipe down metal surfaces with vinegar to remove rust from metal in a flash!

scrubbing barbecue grill

Clean your BBQ - Vinegar is great for getting sludge, oil, and old food off your grill. Simply spray the grill grates with vinegar, let it sit for 10-20 minutes, then scrub the remaining particles off before your summer barbecue.

Remove stickers - Use vinegar to remove remnants of stickers from your car or walls. The acetic acid in the vinegar will gently wear away the glue or sticky materials, lifting them without damaging the surface.

Clean windows - Clean your windows with vinegar if you want a streakless, stainless finish.

Disinfect refrigerator - Vinegar works as a disinfectant and is great for neutralizing smells. Use it in your refrigerator to get rid of old food or sour milk smells and disinfect the surfaces in the process.

scrubbing carpet stains

Get rid of carpet stains - Get rid of food, wine, coffee, and blood stains from your carpet using vinegar! Scrub the stained area with vinegar and allow it to break up the stains.

Get rid of sweat stains - Vinegar works on all kinds of stains, including the awkward yellow sweat stains after a workout or white deodorant marks.

Clean microwave - Since vinegar is great at neutralizing bad smells, use it in the microwave for cleaning. Don’t let last week’s dinner haunt your microwave!

Clean faucets and showerheads - Descale your faucets and showerheads and disinfect them every once in a while with vinegar for a completely clean bathroom experience. 

defrosting windshield in winter

Prevent ice and frost on windshields - Studies have shown that vinegar can actually prevent ice and frost from forming on windshields. Simply spray a combination of water and vinegar onto your windshield during cold weather or before a snow storm. 

Remove gum - Vinegar can remove gum from surfaces by making it less sticky and allowing it to detach easily.

Remove glue - Vinegar is also good for removing glue by making it less sticky and allowing easy removal.

Remove candle wax - Soften and lift candle wax from surfaces such as carpets, fabrics, wood, and metal.

cleaning out toilet

Clean the toilet - Hide the embarrassing bathroom smells by disinfecting your toilet with vinegar! Your guests will never be the wiser.

Get rid of crayon or ink marks - Vinegar is good at erasing ink and crayon marks from wood, plastic, metal, tile, fabric, and more.

Clean dishes - Disinfect dishes with vinegar to get the old food smells and bacteria out.

Clean up pet accidents - Sometimes our pets have accidents. It’s inevitable. Neutralize the horrid odors with some vinegar!

water rings on wood

Get rid of water rings on wood - Wet a rag with vinegar and go with the grain as you gently rub away the white water rings on your wooden tables.

Clean leather - Vinegar will soften and disinfect leather, freshening it up so it looks and feels like new! Keep those leather couches or leather jacket looking fresh.

Polish cutlery - Use vinegar to polish your silverware and remove stains and rust. 

Fabric softener - Replace your fabric softener with vinegar! Vinegar will soften as well as completely deodorize your fabric as opposed to just masking smells.

Clean smelly shoes - Deodorize your smelly, sweaty shoes with vinegar after that workout at the gym or hiking adventure.

soaking hands

Clean hands - Sometimes when we cook, our hands get greasy and smelly and the smell won’t dissipate no matter how many times we wash them. Vinegar will degrease and deodorize your hands to rid them of that onion or garlic smell.

Vinegar should be a household staple for cleaning and maintenance because of its wild versatility. Consider purchasing some vinegar for your maintenance and janitorial needs both in the home & garden. At Green Gobbler, we offer different strengths and concentrations of vinegar that can be used for not just 30, but hundreds of different things! Purchase yours now so you can get ahead of the cleaning game.

Try one of our concentrated vinegars for maintaining your home and garden quickly and efficiently!

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