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Many herbicide products used on farms and in gardens contain a chemical called glyphosate. There have been reports in recent years suggesting that this chemical may possibly cause damage to wildlife and be found at certain levels in the food you eat due to the high number of farmers who use it around their crops. You can read about the health effects of glyphosate here.

Because of it's potentially harmful nature, glyphosate and any product containing similar chemicals is banned from being used on organic farmlands where only natural and completely safe ingredients may be used on the crops for weed killing and organic growing.


Weed Killer Alternatives


One of the best options for both farmers and for gardeners who may be growing their own vegetables at home is to use a natural herbicide, like vinegar.

Vinegar has been used for hundreds of years in food products, beauty products, and cleaning products safely and with no environmental or health risks. And one of the greatest benefits of it is that it's a wonderful alternative to using harmful weed killers. 

This vinegar weed killer product is certified for organic use, meaning organic farmers can use it on their crops without the fear of environmental or health effects. And you, too, can use this weed killer in your own backyard when gardening your own plants this summer.


How to Use


All you need to do is spray this vinegar directly on weeds, whether in your vegetable garden bed or in your flower bed. Just be sure not to spray directly on desired plants, as it's a non-selective herbicide that can kill desired plants as well.

Don't be afraid of harming your kids or pets, either, because after using this product, you can let them out in the yard right away with no waiting time!

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