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cleaning chemicals

Move over, bleach. Vinegar is here. And it’s one of the most powerful cleaning agents that comes from an all-natural source.

So why don’t more people use it in their home & garden? Many people may fear that an all-natural cleaner isn't as strong as a chemical. Or perhaps that a natural cleaner won't last as long as a chemical cleaner. Or that a natural cleaner won't be as versatile as a chemical cleaner.

These are valid concerns. Sometimes going natural can be intimidating because it involves a lot of unknown territory.

But I’m here to clear your doubts about vinegar, once and for all.

MYTH: Vinegar won’t last as long as a chemical cleaner.

FACT: Vinegar can last even longer than a chemical cleaner.

Vinegar can potentially last even longer than your chemical cleaners like bleach and peroxides. While these chemicals typically have an expiration date of 6 months to a year, vinegar’s shelf life is indefinite.
This means vinegar can last for a very long time, as long as you store it in the right conditions and take care of it.
How to store vinegar
Vinegar should be stored in a cool, dark place in order for it to retain its power. Keep cleaning vinegar at the bottom of a dark cupboard or under the sink in the bathroom in order for it to last as long as possible. Make sure the cap of your vinegar is closed air-tight to ensure no oxygen or contaminants make their way inside.

MYTH: Vinegar isn’t as strong as chemical cleaners because it’s natural.

FACT: Vinegar is just as strong as chemical cleaners, if not stronger.

Just because something’s natural doesn’t mean it isn’t strong or powerful.

White vinegar in high concentrations, like 10 or 20 or 30 percent, is a concentrated and powerful natural cleaner that can do wonders in the home. 

Other chemicals, like bleach, are very strong and potent, but can do lots of damage to your home and the environment.

MYTH: Vinegar can’t be used for many things.

FACT: Vinegar is the most versatile cleaning product.

Vinegar is literally one of the most multifaceted cleaners on the market! In fact, chemical cleaners like bleach can't be used on certain surfaces because it's so corrosive and damaging -- wheras vinegar can be used on most surfaces around the home.

Some of  the most popular uses for vinegar include:

    • removing stains
    • clearing drain clogs
    • cleaning out washing machines
    • cleaning out dishwashers
    • removing soap scum & limescale
    • wiping down household appliances
    • cleaning windows & glass
    • cleaning tiles & porcelain
    • cleaning siding & masonry outside
    • adjusting the pH of garden soil
    • cutting through grease
    • & much more!

Move to the natural side. Use vinegar for cleaning instead of those harsh chemicals.

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