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Happy New Year 2020

New year, new you-- right? Wouldn’t that be nice?

You all try to make personal improvements during the new year -- which can quickly fall to the wayside as soon as the end of January comes and the new year goggles are taken off. Lots of you will make grand resolutions that are unrealistic -- like exercising every day when you’ve never exercised in your life, or cutting all sugar out of your diet when cookies are your #1 favorite snack. These goals are unrealistic, simply because the lifestyle you lead is so drastically different that it wouldn’t be rational to suddenly do the exact opposite. It’s small steps to improvement that will get you to your goals that much faster.


So instead, imagine saying these things to yourself:

I will exercise once per week.

I will only treat myself to cookies on “cheat day.”

- I will be more eco-conscious to help the environment.

- I will follow subliminal messaging in Green Gobbler blogs. See what I did there?


The exercising and only eating cookies on cheat day are both commitments. But being eco-conscious is easy. You just need to be conscious of the environmental impacts your choices make. You don’t need to make any super drastic changes. Just be mindful, and maybe make a few changes, when you’re ready. (Be ready please).


New Year 2020 Resolutions

It’s 2020. It’s about time you caught up with the trend of being more “recycle-y.” Here are some eco-friendly things you can do that will make a bigger change than you might think:


Buy reusable items. Recycling is something you hear about at every street corner. There are even street signs that remind you to throw plastics in the recycling bin. While this is a major help -- a similar action you can take that will amazingly complement recycling is to buy reusable items. Instead of buying bottles of water or plastic straws and throwing them in the recycling bin like a good citizen, consider buying reusable versions in order to reduce the amount of trash AND recyclables. Think of it this way -- one reusable water bottle can be used for a year or more and is around twenty dollars. Buying a new water bottle every day is at least one to two dollars. That’s $20 per year versus $365+ dollars per year. It’s a no brainer.


Donate & buy secondhand. Ever receive hand-me-downs? Getting my older cousins used clothing in bulk and for free was always a treat. And while it might not be as fun as picking out your own shiny new items at the store, it’s always nice to not have to spend money. So this new year 2020 when you go through your closet and realize that those sweaters are *so* last year, consider giving your own used clothing to younger family members, or perhaps donating them to a shelter and giving back to the community.

And if you’re looking to get some new clothing, buying thrift or secondhand items is a great way to both save money and help the environment. If we all purchase used items as much as possible, the market demand will decrease, leading to less textile waste, plastic waste, and factory pollution.


Compost your food waste. Whether you have your own garden/homestead or not, composting is something you can definitely participate in so you can reduce garbage in landfills. When organic trash is thrown in landfills, you might think it will just decompose and compost itself, but this is not the case. It will actually rot and release gasses into the air that contribute to pollution. So if you have a garden that you’d like to create compost for, get yourself a composting bin where you can put fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grinds, and other organic materials. If you don’t have a garden or space for your own composter, look into local farms, farmer’s markets, and parks where they likely have community composters.


Use “green” products around the home. A great way to be a bit more conscious about your environmental impacts is to look into the chemicals you use around your home. Chemicals like ammonia and chlorine are used in many cleaners and can be dangerous to certain surfaces, to soil, and to plants. Try looking into toiletries, beauty products, and cleaners that are gentler on the environment. Look for products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive when you can, and when you throw the packaging away, don’t forget to recycle!


A New Year to be Eco-Friendly in 2020


This year, promise yourself to make some simple changes in your life to help the environment. Make it a priority to purchase safer supplies that will both get the job done and be gentle to this planet we call our home. At Green Gobbler, we offer safer cleaning and maintenance products so that you can easily clean while still making a change.

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