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The shiny wheels of your car are coated in one of the best outdoor metal finishes: chrome. When you look around your backyard, you're bound to see the shiny and flashy chrome finish somewhere. Whether it be your barbecue handle, your pool ladder, or your shiniest patio furniture, chrome will pop up in loads of outdoor items.

While chrome is strong and protective, it isn't completely impenetrable. Over time with exposure to the elements, chrome can be worn down and become damaged with scratches or even worse -- rust. Now your once beautiful metal is looking dull, dirty, and damaged. Luckily, there are a few very simple solutions for keeping your chrome looking nice and new!


Cleaning Chrome


Soap & Water

One of the easiest ways to clean only mildly dirty or damaged chrome is to use soap and water. Get yourself a soft towel or sponge and gently wipe down chrome surfaces using dish soap and warm water. It's simple and you won't have to pick up and extra ingredients!

White Vinegar

Sometimes when chrome has a lot of damage or dirt, just soap and water won't do the job. Pick up some white vinegar for chrome cleaning. Vinegar's acidic properties are perfect for cutting through dirt, grease, and even rust, making it one of the best cleaning agents for metal finishes. Use white vinegar to easily restore your moderately dirty or damaged chrome to its former glory!

Chrome Polish

If you have a highly damaged or dirty chrome surface that has taken it's fair share of elemental damage, consider purchasing a professional chrome polishing kit alongside the soap and vinegar. A professional chrome cleaning kit can fix even the worst chrome damage!

Be Gentle With Your Chrome

Chrome can be easily scratched up and damaged if you use a harsh or brittle brush scrubber with vigorous movements. To ensure you don't damage your chrome, use a soft towel or a soft sponge and use gentle movements on your chrome finish. A little goes a long way when using elbow grease on chrome, so be careful not to add any more scratches to your chrome. Try using a soft sponge along with this industrial-strength white vinegar. It's safe and 100% natural.

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