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Getting ready to get on your boat this summer? Taking a trip in an RV? Regular toilets can quickly get disgusting if not taken care of and cleaned regularly, so you can only imagine how disgusting portable toilets can get after several uses. Porta-potty, RV, trailer, and boat toilets all work with a different system than a regular toilet, so it’s hard to know the best ways to keep the inner mechanisms clean and fresh. 

Dealing with stomach-churning odors and clogs in portable toilets is the stuff of nightmares. Entering that tiny space that holds a stench most foul is one of the worst possible scenarios when you’re headed to the bathroom to do your business. And sometimes you may not have access to a window or fresh air while you’re in there. And while it may seem gross, the alternative to suffocating in a smelly portable bathroom is cleaning it. So get ready to put some of these cleaning tips to use when it comes to getting rid of ugly sludge and smelly gasses inside your portable toilet.

Cleaning Your Portable Toilet

Wipe Down Surfaces - Use a surface cleaner to cleanse everything in the portable toilet area. Something like white vinegar works great to break up sludge and loosen other gunk that clings to walls and to the toilet. Getting rid of dirt and grime from the surfaces can help eliminate unpleasant smells that might be trapped inside the sludge and on surfaces. It will also cleanse and brighten up the area, making it look as good as new.

Let the Sunshine in - During a time when the potty isn’t being used, open the door for 30 minutes or so and allow air to circulate. This will allow any remnants of bad smells to escape the area and will also help dry up the smell of vinegar that may still be lingering from wiping down the surfaces. After 30 minutes or so, close the door and notice the difference a little fresh air can make! 

Deodorize Your Holding Tank - Use a holding tank deodorizer and waste digester in your portable toilet in order to eliminate bad smells! Getting rid of odors that are coming from inside your holding tank is easier than you may think. Don’t worry about getting down and dirty to clean it out, just drop an odor-eliminating pod inside of your toilet or directly into your holding tank. Your portable toilet will be smelling clean and fresh in no time, with almost no dirty work! Try RV, Marine, & Porta Potty Treatment to assist you in your portable toilet cleaning today!

If the Tank is Full - Your portable toilet will have to be emptied. Since it isn’t connected to a sewage system and is instead connected to a holding tank, it will need to be dumped once the tank is full. It is even recommended to have tanks emptied before they reach the full level to ensure the cleanup will be successful and not cause a mess. To have your portable toilet cleaned, it’s recommended that you contact a sanitation company that can use commercial holding tanks and hoses to transport and dispose of the waste. 

Cleaning Your Porta Potty Doesn't Have to be Gross

You can clean your own portable toilet easily with the use of certain products. While emptying it should be saved for the professionals, there are many other cleaning tactics you can use on your own. Don't be taken aback by the fact that your toilet is connected to a holding tank. As long as you keep an eye on the tank to ensure that it isn't full, cleaning it on your own will be a breeze! Just make sure you're equipped with:

 porta potty treatment



We’ve began using Green Gobbler as an additive to our 5 gallons of ‘blue’ which is added to the holding tank to break down waste in our port a potty rentals.

Great results… we are fans!


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