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Dogs are a man's best friend, but being best friends with your pet doesn't mean it's only hugs and cuddles. One moment you can be petting your dog or playing fetch, and the next thing you know they're leaving you a little brown-and-yellow-wrapped gift on your carpet.

You love your pet dearly and truly, you really do. But scrubbing away at your carpet after every mishap can become time-consuming. If you have a new puppy, a dog in training, or just a dog who leaves surprise messes around, there's a safe and easy-to-use product that's perfect and handy to keep around the household.

Removing Pet Messes & Stains

Many stain removers contain harsh chemicals with a strong chemical smell and can be dangerous when used around children or animals. The safest and most reliable mess & stain remover is Pet Mess! This product contains a powerful surfactant that dislodges the stain from fabric, plus natural enzymes that will start eating away at your pet's mess within 30 seconds of application. It also has odor-neutralization technology that will wipe out any foul smells coming from the area and produce a fresh aroma while discouraging pets from re-soiling the spot.

A natural pet stain remover will go to work on feces, urine, vomit, drool, and mud stains left behind by your playful pet. It's perfect to use on carpets, couch fabrics, hardwood floors, and furniture when used as directed. Pet Mess comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy access and instant use.

How to Use Pet Mess:

1. First, pick up and wipe away any solids that might be left behind. Unfortunately for you, this means feces, vomit, or any chunks of any kind.

2. Take out your convenient Pet Mess spray bottle and coat the stain liberally.

3. Use a moist room-temperature towel to push and rub the formula into the fibers of the fabric or the texture of the flooring.

4. Ensure the entire stained area is coated and rubbed in

5. Allow the formula to soak in, wait five to ten minutes, and wipe away with a moist cloth.

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