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Curious bugs are always finding their way inside your home, from the common spider to the buzzy housefly. You can almost always expect to see an insect or two around your home at any time of year. One of the most annoying insects that find their way into your home are fruit flies.

Fruit flies are super tiny and super obnoxious. And they're attracted to -- would you believe it -- fruit. Not only do they love fruit, they love anything that's sugary and anything with gritty food particles, which is why fruit flies often end up setting up camp and breeding inside your sink drain. Your drain is a perfect space for them to live while being able to easily access the food you leave out on the counter and in your sink. Not only will they take over your kitchen, but they'll conquer and eat away at your fruit, something that results in food waste and money wasted!

So it's important to get rid of these insects before they really cause a problem.


How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies


Fruit flies love dirty spaces and food spills, so cleaning up every surface of your kitchen will prevent flies from making a home in your kitchen in the future. But to get rid of the existing flies, you can do two things:

1. Add apple cider vinegar to a bowl and pour some dish soap inside the bowl. Fruit flies will be lured in by the sweet and fruity smell of the apple cider vinegar. Once they arrive, they'll be trapped by the soapiness of your dish soap and will not be able to fly away. Leave this bowl out for several hours, then dump it out outside. This method is good for very minor infestations.

2. For more severe infestations, use a fruit fly killer product like this. When you pour this product into your kitchen sink, the citronella-based insect killer clings to fruit fly nests and kills flies and larvae easily. To be even more efficient in your fruit fly killing extravaganza, use Fruit Fly Killer in combination with method #1 to totally wipe out your infestation.

You may need to repeat each step a few times before you stop noticing fruit flies around your kitchen, but it's worth the effort to take back your kitchen from those annoying fruit conquerors. 

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