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The sun is setting earlier and earlier and you can feel the chill in the air. While some of us are sad to see the end of summer approaching, others are happily awaiting the fall season. No matter which way you feel about this time of year, Labor Day weekend can be a great time to either kick-off the coming of autumn or to celebrate the end of summer!

You may attend a local festival over the weekend or watch a Labor Day parade march down the street. Some of us might lay low and relax, while others will take the long weekend as an opportunity to party. No matter how you choose to spend your labor day, make sure you celebrate in the most environmentally friendly way possible so that you can continue your traditions every year in a sustainable way.

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Labor Day

If you’re planning on hosting or attending a barbecue or a get-together on Labor Day, there are several ways you can make your celebration more eco-friendly. 

Use a gas grill.

Using a charcoal grill can be potentially harmful in many ways. It releases volatile compounds into the air, produces more smoke pollution, and poses a higher health risk if inhaled. Read about the harmful effects of charcoal grilling here, and try to use a gas grill for the next time you’re cooking up some cheeseburgers and hot dogs. And when you're finished grilling, try cleaning your barbecue with vinegar to avoid using harmful chemical cleaners where you cook your food. 

Avoid disposable cups and plates

When having a gathering, it’s usually easier to have disposable supplies so you won’t have to do much cleaning after all the hard work and preparation. But using real dishware will reduce: the amount of trash you have to take out, the amount of paper and plastic waste, and the amount of money spent. You may have to spend some extra time washing dishes or putting them into the dishwasher, but in the right circumstances, it can be worth it in the end. 


If you MUST use disposable items, make sure to check if it’s made from a material that can be recycled, and if it is -- recycle it. All it takes is putting it out on the curb on a recycling collection day, or go to a local dispenser that collects recyclable bottles. You can help the environment, prevent waste, and when dispensing bottles, you can even make some coin.

Buy reusable decorations

Everyone has bins of Christmas or Halloween decorations in their basement or storage facility. You use the same prized decorative items every year for your holiday entertainment. But not many of us have decorations stored away for the lesser holidays and instead buy disposable decor made of paper and plastics that we throw out and re-purchase the next year. Try going the green route by buying reusable decor and supplies, which will not only reduce waste, but will save you money! 

Compost leftovers

If you have a lot of leftover food, don’t just throw it away! Not only is this a waste of money, but it takes away from all the great things you can do with your food. Other than eating it (obviously) you can give leftovers to your guests to bring home, or you can try composting! Giving away your leftovers is a nice way to give back to people. And composting is a great way of giving back to the earth! Learn about how to compost here.

Stay Green - from EcoClean

At Green Gobbler, we pride ourselves in offering products and lifestyle tips that are safer and healthier for you and for the environment. We want to provide you with alternative options to the dangerous and harmful chemicals found in traditional cleaning and maintenance supplies. Use these tips to have a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious Labor Day celebration, and continue living a "green" life by using safer products. 

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