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Shoveling causing a backache? Lifting heavy snow could cause soreness in a professional body-builder. And boy oh boy is it a huge waste of time to stand out in the cold with a shovel for an hour. That hour could be spent doing something important, like eating dinner or catching up on your favorite TV show. 

It’s time to get that hour back.

Green Gobbler’s Snow & Ice PRE-Treatment will prevent snow & ice from bonding to the ground, making the shoveling process quicker and easier than ever before. 

When snow hits the ground, it seeps into cracks and sticks itself to the surface, making heavy snow buildup inevitable and taxing to remove. That’s where a great winter weather pre-treatment comes in.

How does pre-treatment work?

Green Gobbler’s Snow & Ice Pre-Treatment is a liquid magnesium chloride formula that will act as a buffer between the ground and the snow, ensuring that snow won’t stick and will be easier to remove. Say goodbye to chipping away at mounds of snow. 

Not only will removal be easy, but this special formula created from magnesium chloride is safer than other deicing products. It’s safer for animals and is less likely to harm plants or the environment. It’s perfect to use on concrete, pavers, asphalt, composite, wood, metals, and other outdoor surfaces. 

How do I apply it?

Snow & Ice Pre-Treatment is easy to apply. Just use a handheld or backpack sprayer to evenly spray and coat the ground. One gallon can cover approximately 500-1,000 sq. ft., so be sure to get yourself the right amount of product for your property.

Most importantly, make sure you apply it prior to winter weather to ensure it does its job properly. Applying Snow & Ice Pre-Treatment after a storm will not make shoveling easier, so keep up to date with weather forecasts in order to apply it in time. 

snow and ice pre treatment

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