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Oh, summer. The time of sweltering heat waves, pool parties, and the inevitable barbecue. If you haven’t hosted a barbecue on your back porch yet, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of preparation it takes to get everything barbecue-ready. Hosting your family or your friends for some grilled foods is no easy endeavor, but it can definitely be fun! And with certain products and cleaning tips, you can get your yard completely ready for that get-together in no time!

Sometimes our barbecues need a little extra TLC, and those backyard eyesores like weeds and unkempt grass can divert attention away from the amazing grub you’ve made! Don’t let the weeds, the pesky mosquitoes, and the gunky grill stop you from relaxing and enjoying yourself during your gathering. Prepare beforehand with these methods so you can just sit back and enjoy it when the party date finally comes.


healthy green lawn with sun setting in background

Prep Your Yard

If you’ve got some grass and yard space, it’s a great idea to clean and decorate the area to create a fun environment for you and your guests. In order to spruce up your yard, make sure you…

Mow your lawn. Unless you want your guests fighting their way through safari grass, make sure your grass is cut to a reasonable length. This will prevent unnecessary stumbles and will make your lawn look nice and trim.

Get rid of weeds. Pesky dandelions and clovers are unsightly and take away from all the green grass and beautiful flowers you have going on. Use a certified organic weed killer to get rid of weeds while protecting the environment and your pets!


nice clean patio with bbq food displayed

Prep Your Porch

Your porch, deck, patio, or seating area is probably where you and your guests will spend a lot of the gathering, or at least the most enjoyable parts (a.k.a. the eating.) Keeping the area nice and comfy will make for a lovely experience. Don’t forget to...

Prep for mosquitoes. Nobody likes the sound of bugs zipping by their head. But what’s worse -- bugs that feast on your blood while you’re feasting on your grilled hot dog. Get yourself some citronella oil, candles, or incense to disorient and repel mosquitoes from the area.

Use a cooler for drinks. Get yourself a nice little cooler, fill it with ice, and put bottles of beer, water, and soda in there for you and your guests. This will make it much easier for people to get a drink without going inside to the fridge. 

Set up trash cans. Same thing goes for trash. Nobody wants to go in and out of the house every time they have a new napkin or empty bottle to throw out. Keep a trash can outside for easy access.

Put out lights! If this gathering is going into the night, make sure you have some nice lighting setup. Tiki torches and string lights will make it easy to see while setting a fun mood for the night!


clean barbecue with food cooking

Finally, Clean Your Barbecue

Now for the actual barbecue! Make sure to clean it properly in preparation for all that yummy food that will go into it and onto your guest’s plates. You don’t want to grill a fresh slab of chicken on top of a grimy grill grate. Luckily we have some barbecue cleaning tips for the last step of your barbecue preparation!!

Step 1: Get some vinegar, preferably vinegar with a higher concentration than traditional table vinegar which contains 5%.

Step 2: Pour equal parts vinegar and equal parts water into a spray bottle.

Step 3: Spray your grill grates with the solution and allow it to sit on the grates for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Get aluminum foil and crumple it into a ball. Use the ball to scrub the grates with the vinegar solution until as much gunk comes off as possible. When finished, rinse the grates with water!


With these simple methods, you can be prepared for that summer barbecue and be able to enjoy yourself in the process. And make sure to repeat these cleaning tactics throughout the summertime to have a perpetually clean and comfortable outdoors. Happy barbecuing!


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