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The Super Bowl isn’t the only bowl you’ll be betting on this weekend.

Toilet bowls need some love too. After everything we put them through, we should be cheering them on and caring for them daily. But when it comes time to host parties and events, toilets deserve a little more special attention than usual. 

With viewing parties and masses of food, your toilet bowl, too, will be taking lots of hits this weekend during the Super Bowl. From leftover food slipping down the sink to lots of toilet flushing from your guests, you’ll need to take some preventative measures to keep your bathrooms up and running throughout the game.

How to stop Super Bowl toilet bowl disasters in their tracks

Keeping your bathroom maintained should be a regular task, but make sure to get down and dirty with the cleaning before any big events. Because the key to stopping bathroom catastrophes is by preventing them before they happen.

This can be done by simply cleaning your toilets and sinks, cleaning the drains out, and using drain opener to get rid of anything clogging or stinking up your system.

Before the Super Bowl

Use a natural cleaning product to clean the outside of your toilet, your sink, and counters. Diluted white vinegar will do the trick, and it’s safer and more natural than other cleaners, like those containing bleach or lye. You can even create a scented cleaner using diluted vinegar and essential oils to combat germs and overpowering smells in the bathroom. Or perhaps use some cold-pressed orange oil with d-limonene to cut through sludge and dust and leave behind a pleasant aroma.

Then use a preventative drain cleaner to get rid of any existing issues and clear the way for all the “traffic” your toilet and sink are dreading this weekend.

Treating Clogged Drains

Treating plumbing issues can be either your pre-game ritual or something you’ll have to do once the fun is all over. You never know when a clog or toilet overflow is going to occur, so make sure to have some emergency drain cleaner on hand for those uncomfortable moments when your guests are crying to use the bathroom but your toilet wholeheartedly disagrees.

You can use something that will break up any organic matter existing in your pipes easily, leaving you with improved drain performance. 

Use something like Drain Opening Pacs the night before the big game to make sure your sinks and toilets are all open and ready for whatever you throw at them. This will give the product enough time to digest anything inside your plumbing, ensuring for a smooth, fun Super Bowl 2020 experience.

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