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It’s fall, which means you’re probably working to get your home nice and clean so you can hunker down as it gets colder. We all want to live in a clean environment where we can breathe freely and sit cozily during the cold months without fear of bacteria and dirt smothering you. So many of you will opt for items you find at your local grocery store that aid you in cleaning your kitchen counters and bathrooms. But if I told you that many traditional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, would you think again?

When you clean, the whole point is to get rid of gross or harmful contaminants, not add more dangers to the mix. Ingredients like bleach, ammonia, nitrates, alcohol ethoxylates, phosphates and more can be detrimental to your health and the health of the environment. At that rate, you might as well leave the dirt and grease lying around, rather than use toxic chemicals to clean it all up. Luckily, there are some natural alternatives to these commercial cleaners.

Natural Cleaning Ingredients


Thanks to vinegar, we have salad dressing, pickles, and salt & vinegar chips. But vinegar also brings amazing natural cleaning properties. Vinegar is naturally acidic, with acetic acid being its main compound. The best vinegar for cleaning is white vinegar because it is strong enough to clean with, but not too strong that it will damage your property. We recommend using vinegar with a higher concentration than traditional table vinegar, like this one. It’s 4x the strength of table vinegar and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces ranging from fabric stains to bathroom counters. Just remember to dilute higher concentrations of vinegar with water according to the surface you’ll be cleaning. 


Salt makes everything yummy, and can allegedly ward off harmful spirits this month if placed in a circle around you. But don’t use it all up yet! Salt is a great natural cleaning ingredient that can be used for much more than cooking and spiritual practices. Salt is a safe and effective scrubbing agent that can be used to clean surfaces, deodorize fabrics, and remove stains. You can even add some salt to your vinegar to create a scrub that can be used to clean kitchen and bathroom sinks, and to get rid of armpit stains!


Lemons are great for everything -- except for pouring on wounds and getting in your eyes, so don’t do that. But with a high acidity along with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, lemons can be used to clean lots of surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. A great way to use lemon juice in cleaning is to wipe down and deodorize microwaves and kitchen appliances that have unsightly stains and leftover smells. Use it to polish metals and to lift stains from containers and silverware. The possibilities are endless.

Orange oil

Thank the heavens! A delicious scent that deodorizes and refreshes, as well as cleans and degreases surfaces. It also wreaks of October, a perfect ingredient for cleaning the house during autumn. Orange oil is an incredible cleaning product that can be used to degrease your stove and kitchen counters, to remove stains, to deodorize smelly surfaces, to remove sticker residue and slime, and to clean out your grill or oven. It can be mixed with water and sprayed around the house to deodorize the air and can be sprayed on couches and upholstery to freshen them up. 


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Never knew salt could be used as a stain remover. Really such an informative article.

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