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raking fall leaves

It’s that time of year! The time where the chill creeps in and the leaves start tumbling down. The time where you break out your fall sweaters and switch from iced coffee to hot coffee. Some of us love it when summer starts to wind down, while others can’t stand the cool weather. Either way, if you’re a homeowner, you know there is a lot of preparation that comes with the coming of fall.

The sun isn’t quite as hot anymore and your plants aren’t getting as much sunlight. Humidity lowers and your plants and grass require more water to survive. Leaves start to clutter your lawn, and your vegetable garden is crying for you to harvest those last few veggies before they stop producing. There is always a lot of work that comes with the season change. But don’t start racking your brain trying to remember what you need to do. Use this as your outdoor fall to-do list, and get crackin’ with some of these fall preparation and maintenance tasks.

Preparing for Fall

Remove leaves

Three cheers for the obvious answer! Picking up leaves from your lawn is of the utmost importance, not only to keep up your lawn’s appearance but to ensure your lawn is healthy and thriving. Whenever you have a large collection of leaves covering your grass for a long period of time, you are allowing your grass to potentially suffocate and die off. Leaves will literally deprive your grass of what little sunshine and water it has left during the colder months. Leaves are not protection -- they are causing death! You can either collect leaves and put them in garbage bags, or you can turn them into mulch! Read how, here.

Don’t forget to trim

Just because it’s colder out doesn’t mean that your lawn doesn’t need a good trim. Grass should be kept at a very short length and should be trimmed regularly until the first frost of the season. It’s typically recommended to lower your lawnmower blades by a couple of inches throughout the fall in order to keep the grass short and healthy during the drier and colder months. 

Control weeds

Fall is also a great time to get any weed issues under control. Weeds are super resilient and persistent, so they will continue growing and planting their roots well into the fall. And before you know it, your entire lawn can be overcome with weeds by the spring! Don’t let weeds overtake your lawn this fall. Use a safe and powerful weed-killing product like this one during the beginning of fall, and make sure to spot-treat any new or recurring weeds that continue to pop up. 

Grow new grass

During summer, grass gets used a lot, and when the weather suddenly changes, your grass can eventually become dull, brown, or even produce bald spots. After trimming your lawn and getting rid of weeds, a great thing to do during fall is to feed your lawn! Apply fertilizer so that your grass can begin to replenish itself and grow more roots throughout the fall. By springtime, your lawn will have already established new roots and you will be ahead of the game.

Harvest fruits & vegetables

If you have a garden, don’t let the fruits of your labors fall to the wayside. Make sure to harvest every last bit of vegetables or fruits that have ripened and are ready for the picking. Once the fall season starts becoming too chilly for your plants to survive, put a plan into place for protecting perennials so that next year you can resume with the lovely garden you’ve built for yourself.

Take Care of Your Home All Year Long

Owning a home takes a lot of work. At Green Gobbler, we offer cleaning and maintenance supplies that make it easier, both on you and on the environment. Maintain your beautiful home all year round with our indoor and outdoor products ranging from weed killer to toilet treatments.

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