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labor day

It's time for Labor Day! Which means it's time to get ready for the end of summer and the beginning of the long-haul to the holidays. But before you accept your fate that fall is approaching, it's time to relish in a little more summertime before it's officially over.

With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, families will begin to prepare for some outdoor adventures that are socially distanced, safe, and clean. Many families may enjoy going out and having a socially distant celebration, while other families may enjoy having a backyard barbecue. Either way, you can have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend. 

Avoid Crowds.

If you do decide to go out, wearing a mask and staying away from crowds can make all the difference when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe. If you're going out on Labor Day weekend, be sure to steer away from groups of people and keep your mask on. Be sure to keep washing your hands and stay clean. Learn how wearing a mask helps.

Wipe down high-touch surfaces.

If you're having a safe and distanced Labor Day weekend with your family, be sure to consistently wipe down any high touch surfaces that receive a lot of traffic. Use disinfecting wipes or really any wipes that can scrub away at viruses that might be lurking around your Labor Day weekend. After your gathering, use vinegar to wipe down anything that could be remaining. The acidity in vinegar works as a powerful surface cleaner to keep your home and yard clear of pathogens. Use a multipurpose eco-friendly cleaning product for safe cleaning.

Don’t inhale smoke fumes. 

You may want to light up a bonfire for your family this weekend, but it's important to be in an open space where the fumes and materials won’t be trapped and localized. Inhaling any sort of smoke is dangerous and should be avoided. Be sure to stay a few feet away from an open fire to avoid materials or smoke escaping.

Don't Forget to Clean Outdoors Too

When your activities are over, make sure to wipe down outdoor surfaces as well. The extra air filtration will help dissipate any harmful pathogens, but be sure to wipe them down, too. Keeping your gathering as clean as possible is of the utmost importance this year, so stay on top of surface cleaning as much as you can! 

Use a surface cleaner like vinegar and orange oil that's 100% natural for your family but gets the job done! Frequently wipe down surfaces, and don't forget to use soap and water!

How to Have a Safe Labor Day weekend

When it comes to staying safe this Labor Day, distancing and frequent cleaning are of the utmost importance. Keep other people at a distance this weekend but make sure to keep cleaning supplies on hand!


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