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It’s the week you’ve been dreading all year.

Your in-laws are visiting for Thanksgiving and they’re staying at your house, but no one has touched the guest suite since last Thanksgiving. You’re worried that you won’t have enough time to get it in shape before they arrive, but there’s no need to panic. I’m here to help! Here’s how you can get your guest room in tip-top shape before your mother-in-law gets a chance to critique it.

First, take a deep breath. Go room by room. Start with the guest suite and give the linens a refresh. Take all of the sheets off the bed, including the pillowcases and comforter, and toss them in the washer. Use your favorite detergent and add in fabric softener to ensure that your guests feel extra cozy and warm when they crawl into bed after their inevitable food coma.

Next, it’s time to tackle the floors. Whether you have hardwood or carpet, giving the floors some TLC is guaranteed to breathe new life into your forgotten guest room. If you have hardwood floors, get a floor cleaner that will provide a nice shine without creating a slippery surface. Nobody wants to slip and fall on Thanksgiving!

For fans of carpeted rooms, the clean up is simple. Put down your favorite smelling carpet powder and give the entire room a good vacuum. Make sure to get into those tricky crevices under the bed and around the furniture by using an attachment (you know your mother-in-law will be analyzing every inch).


Onto the furniture! You may be surprised at how much dust can build up in an unoccupied room. While it can seem overwhelming, there’s no need to panic. Just turn on your favorite music, grab your supplies, and get to it. When it comes to removing dust from hard surfaces and adding nice shine without leaving streaks, I suggest using a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are incredibly soft, so they won’t scratch surfaces and you can throw them in the wash when you’re finished and reuse them over and over. To achieve that extra polished and shiny look, add a bit of furniture polish to the cloth for a little extra umph.

Now it’s time to tackle the guest bathroom. I suggest starting with the shower/bathtub because you’re likely to create a bit of a mess with the water. Use a soap scum remover and a brush to get rid of any buildup on the shower walls and floor. For stubborn soap scum we recommend using Green Gobbler’s UItimate Eraser.

This eraser powerfully lifts stains on any surface. Give the shower head or faucet and deep clean and freshen up the shower drain so your guests won’t experience any clogging. Then, give the toilet bowl a deep clean and disinfect the toilet seat and cover. Make sure to mop up any water or residue that may have accumulated on the bathroom floor. Finish off with disinfecting the countertops, sink, and mirror. Don’t forget to clean the toothbrush holder and hand towels. Add a festive candle and some scented hand soap for a more luxurious feel.  

Finally, it’s time for some finishing touches. Impress your guests by adding a few decorative pieces, like some holiday candles, fake leaves, and a vase with seasonal flowers on the nightstand. Add a few decorative pillows and a plush throw blanket to the bed and your guests are sure to feel right at home!


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