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flowers budding during spring

Temperatures are rising, birds are chirping, and allergies are overcoming our sinuses. But even with all the sniffling and teary eyes, spring can be a beautiful time for nature and your garden. Your grass is growing back and your perennial plants are recovering from the frigid temperatures and preparing to bloom.

Giving your plants and soil a leg-up during their recovery process can make a huge difference in the success of your garden over the next couple of months. So use this time before spring hits to really prep your garden as best you can.

The blooming plants will make all your hard work worth it in the end.

Preparing your garden with vinegar

Your garden needs some love after everything it's been through. Winter snow and cold temperatures can kill grass and plants and make soil difficult to grow in. So as the weather is becoming more spring-like, it's important to prepare your soil and garden for when blooming season sets in.

Get rid of weeds. Weeds are a nuisance and hindrance to your garden's growth and success. They can quickly take over a flower bed or an herb garden, making it difficult to continue planting and taking care of your desired plants. To get rid of weeds, you could pull them by hand or use a weed killer of your choice. 

Certain weed killers have been questionable when it comes to the safety of people and the environment. A great alternative to using weed killers containing chemicals like glyphosate is a concentrated vinegar weed killer.

Adjust the pH of soil. Soil can become too alkaline, making it more difficult to grow certain kinds of plants. To make soil more acidic, spray the ground with a solution of white vinegar and water. Be sure to do your research on best practices with your specific plants. Some thrive on highly concentrated vinegars, while others only need a tiny bit.

Kill fungus and mold. Sometimes moldy fungus can form on your outdoor furniture or stepping stones. To clear this away, spray a white vinegar and water solution onto the surfaces.

Clean vegetables and fruits. Once picked, you can use white vinegar to clean the outside of fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure any bugs, mold, or bacteria are removed from the outside before eating. 

Kill bugs. Vinegar can be used to deter and kill certain bugs that make your flower bed their home. While some garden insects, like bees and butterflies, can be great for the ecosystem, others may wind up eating and taking over your plants. Spray white vinegar around the perimeter of your garden regularly to repel insects. Spray directly on insects in order to kill them outright.

Vinegar as the multi-purpose ingredient

Vinegar really is a magical and versatile ingredient. Not only can you use it to prepare you garden for spring and summer, but it can be used in and around the home for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Don't use harsh chemicals in your garden or around the home anymore. Pick up some white vinegar to use for most of your home and garden needs.


John A Delves on

try as I might I have not yet seen any way to connect to your App for the monthly schedule to drop a green gobbler into my system.

I had to put it on my regular calendar because I never saw the app and cant find any way in your instructions on how to go to the app and click on the reminder????

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