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winter wonderland

Your mother-in-law isn’t the only thing that gives you the cold shoulder and arrives without warning.

With the holidays approaching and your extended family encroaching, it’s important to remember the true meaning behind this time of year. Legend says that the holiday season is meant to bring joy and cheer to your family, friends, and neighbors during the cold, hopeless months of winter. One of the best ways to bring some holiday spirit to your home is to let it snow (as the song clearly states).

But with beautiful snow comes treacherous ice and horrid conditions that could leave your guests with broken limbs and lots o’ medical issues. Is it really worth the risk?

Prevent Disasters by Using Ice Melt

Icy driveways and stairwells can really cause a catastrophe if the conditions are right. Your Great Aunt Catherine is using her cane to get herself up your stairs, or your toddler is hobbling across the driveway to get to the car and BAM-- they have fallen and hurt themselves on your ice. And while the sounds of your Aunt cursing and your child crying might be prevalent during the holidays anyway, it's your job to help prevent the screams and cries due to slipping on dangerously placed ice. But you don't have to be afraid of winter weather entirely. You just need to be prepared with the right preventative measures.

You really can “let it snow” while not worrying about the effects it will have on you and your family. All you need is an ice melt product that will generate exothermic heat to melt ice faster than rock salt and stop it from ruining your holiday. If only there were a product to melt that icy look from your mother-in-law. We don’t have a solution for that...yet.

Snow & Ice Melt Pellets

snow & ice melt calcium chloride

When you’re head is spinning and you’re rushing back and forth to stores shopping for gifts and meal ingredients, you might come across a bag of rock salt. And in your holiday daze, you might just put it in your cart in case there happens to be a winter storm and you’re caught off-guard. But rock salt is not the most effective or environmentally-conscious choice for an ice melt product.

Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt will decimate ice 4 times faster than rock salt in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It also leaves no leftover residue and will not damage pavement or plants the same way rock salt will. So while you may be rushing to pick up the closest ice melt product you can find in stores this holiday season -- consider purchasing the more effective and less harmful option. Because when Jack Frost bites, we bite back 4x stronger than rock salt ever will.

Pet Safe Snow & Ice Melt

pet safe ice melt

If you have pets and are concerned about their cute little paws, don’t reach for rock salt this holiday season. Instead, look for an ice melt product that is more effective AND pet safe! Rock salt’s jagged edges can cut up your pet’s sensitive paws, causing them to lick their injuries. This results in your pet ingesting toxic chemicals that can cause gastrointestinal distress, lethargy, and pain. And the last thing you want during the holiday rush is for your precious pet to be sick. 

Instead of reaching for rock salt to melt your ice, try using a Pet Safe Snow & Ice Melt product that won't harm your pavement, plants, or pets! Let your precious pup frolic and lick without getting sick. Because the holidays are about family, and your pets are family. 

If you're looking to prevent catastrophes...

Consider purchasing one of these ice melt products. Your dream of a white Christmas doesn't need to end just because of your fear of slipping on ice. This holiday, you can sit by your window and gaze lovingly at the beautiful flurries, all while knowing that your snow & ice melt product is there to help you through it.

white christmas


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