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  White vinegar has been used for hundreds of years for all different kinds of things. The most obvious is cooking, but vinegar is also used in beauty products, medicine, maintenance, and cleaning! When you're cleaning around the house, you'll likely have lots of different products for different tasks. You might have a degreaser for your stovetop, a cleaner for your kitchen counters, an outdoor mold removal product, a disinfectant for bathroom surfaces, a glass cleaner for windows and mirrors,...
  Looking to spruce up the surfaces in your home? Wiping down entire areas and dusting off your countertops can be a huge task that may seem intimidating to even begin. But now that many of us are under stay-at-home orders, there is a lot of extra time to get down and dirty with cleaning up the home! The surfaces in your home are often in need of a wipe-down, whether they're regularly used surfaces or not. You may spill...


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