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The Super Bowl isn’t the only bowl you’ll be betting on this weekend. Toilet bowls need some love too. After everything we put them through, we should be cheering them on and caring for them daily. But when it comes time to host parties and events, toilets deserve a little more special attention than usual.  With viewing parties and masses of food, your toilet bowl, too, will be taking lots of hits this weekend during the Super Bowl. From leftover...
Sometimes your sink can radiate a horrible smell that puts vats of toxic waste to shame. And during the jolliest time of year, it’s totally unacceptable for your kitchen and bathroom to smell of anything other than pine needles and cranberries. So unless you’re interested in being the family grinch, maybe you should ensure your home doesn’t smell like him. Pipes go through a lot, and with all the work we put them through every day, they are guaranteed to...


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