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Article Posted By: Bre Eggert of Average But Inspired.  Bre Eggert is the founder of, where she strives to inspire creativity in the home by providing DIY and craft tutorials, furniture upcycle projects, and home décor ideas. For a daily dose of DIYs, home décor tutorials and much more, follow her on Instagram at @AverageButInspired.  The holiday season is ramping up, and your to-do list contains the usual suspects: shop for gifts, send holiday cards, and make Aunt Ruth’s...
  No one wants the place where you wash your hands and wash your dishes to emanate a rotten stench. If left unchecked, your sink drain could be oozing awful smells coming from deep within the bowels of your plumbing system. But before you call a plumber or try stuffing flowers into your sink drain, here are a few ways you can completely eliminate the odors.  Eliminate Sink Drain Odors Drain Openers. If your drain smells, using a drain opener to...


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