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  Your handy dishwasher works great at cleaning and sanitizing your dishes every day. But after all the hard work it puts in, it eventually will become dirty and function less well over time. With all the grease and crumbs that build up inside, it can become a home for festering bacteria, making it less efficient at deep cleaning dishes. So how do you deep-clean your dishwasher?   Step 1: Clear out the dishwasher drain and remove any food particles...
Here’s a riddle for ya… What can you use to clean your house, kill weeds, dress your salad AND flavor your potato chips?  If you guessed the ever so versatile vinegar, you’d be correct!  Vinegar can be used for SO MANY things that we might not have even believed were possible. While there is a difference between culinary versus cleaning, the wonders of vinegar are endless. Below is a list of uses for vinegar that you may have never thought...


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