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Some of the more frequent problems that homeowners experience are clogs. Whether it happens in the bathroom or kitchen clogs are pretty common and are to be expected.  However, there is one issue that you might not expect, poor water pressure. Problems with water pressure typically go unnoticed until it has gotten really bad. Your home plumbing system is used to effectively push water to every area of the house. Sometimes this can cause the water pressure to be lower...
There’s a very small chance that you would step outside and see raw sewage pooling in your lawn. But there is a chance. If it does happen, something has clearly gone wrong—and that "something" was likely a clog in your sewer line. And not just an ordinary clog, a mammoth-sized clog that's been developing for months and months. We’ve compiled everything you need to know to avoid a sewer line disaster: from warning signs to common causes to prevention methods. So...


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