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What says “holidays” more than a big beautiful batch of homemade cookies?  Lots of us love to bake. And many of us don’t bake often but participate in the lovely tradition during the cold months of the holiday season. With the smell of vanilla wafting through the air, the colorful icing, and the sprinkling of flour all over your kitchen counters, it’s easy to see that the holidays have arrived. You might be baking cookies for an upcoming holiday party,...
We all remember what it was like being in elementary school... That back to school time was both exciting and nerve-wracking as we had to get new school supplies, make new friends, and get back into the nightly homework routine. Some of us couldn't wait for school to begin, while the rest of us expelled tears at the thought of it. The absolute least of our worries during that time was cleaning up after ourselves, and that trait has most...


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