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What are people doing with all that toilet paper they're hoarding? You may wonder the effects that flushing heaps of paper down the toilet can have on your septic system. While many of you are at home using more of your resources than usual, you might not even think about the fact that your toilets and septic tanks may not be ready for the amount of extra traffic coming their way.  Constant usage of toilets connected through septic systems can eventually...
 If you’re a homeowner, there is a chance you have or will have a septic system at some point in your life. About one-in-five homes rely on septic tanks for their wastewater system, so they’re pretty common, especially in suburban areas. Septic tanks come with many positives and definitely some negatives, but if you know how to best maintain your system without abusing it, the pros will most definitely outweigh the cons. Septic Tank pros Durability - Septic tanks can...


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