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Shoveling causing a backache? Lifting heavy snow could cause soreness in a professional body-builder. And boy oh boy is it a huge waste of time to stand out in the cold with a shovel for an hour. That hour could be spent doing something important, like eating dinner or catching up on your favorite TV show.  It’s time to get that hour back. Green Gobbler’s Snow & Ice PRE-Treatment will prevent snow & ice from bonding to the ground, making...
  Ever wonder if rock salt will kill your grass? The chances of your lawn dying are much higher than you think. Lawns carry lots of memories. That lawn you care for all summer might be where your kids hang out, or where you play fetch with your dog, or where your son took his first steps. You mow and water and fertilize your lawn all summer to keep it nice and healthy. But come wintertime, that routine is flipped...
Winter is coming! Get ready for family gatherings, comfort food, and frigid temperatures. There is lots to look forward to -- but also much to dread. Snow can be beautiful in small quantities, but when a full-on storm rolls in, the effects can be long-lasting. You may have several feet of snow at your front door, or your power may go out, or maybe even a few trees fall from all the weight that the snow put on its shoulders....


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