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Dogs are a man's best friend, but being best friends with your pet doesn't mean it's only hugs and cuddles. One moment you can be petting your dog or playing fetch, and the next thing you know they're leaving you a little brown-and-yellow-wrapped gift on your carpet. You love your pet dearly and truly, you really do. But scrubbing away at your carpet after every mishap can become time-consuming. If you have a new puppy, a dog in training, or just...
Food stains from eating on the couch? Wine stains from spilling after being tipsy? Vomit stains from after you had too much wine? Don't worry, vinegar will do you proud in removing these common stains. Vinegar is one of those versatile cleaning products that can really work wonders on all kinds of cleaning and maintenance tasks, especially stain removal. Because of vinegar's acetic acid, it is just acidic enough to really break through even the worst stains without being too...
What says “holidays” more than a big beautiful batch of homemade cookies?  Lots of us love to bake. And many of us don’t bake often but participate in the lovely tradition during the cold months of the holiday season. With the smell of vanilla wafting through the air, the colorful icing, and the sprinkling of flour all over your kitchen counters, it’s easy to see that the holidays have arrived. You might be baking cookies for an upcoming holiday party,...


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