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  Drain clogs are a nuisance, and if you don’t know a lot about unclogging methods, it can become an infuriating sequence of events and emotions. These sequences often start with anger and end with acceptance -- like the stages of grief for home maintenance tasks. When you first notice your water draining improperly, you might be met with unnecessary rage. But once you make your way to the acceptance stage, it’s time to solve the problem productively, without rage, and without...
    Now that it’s approaching Christmastime, you and your family may be housing extra guests. From kids coming home from college to extended family members visiting for a week, you’ll likely have lots of extra mouths to feed. And we all know with extra food comes extra flushing and washing (well, hopefully, the washing part). In order to solve all your holiday plumbing disasters, you need to eliminate the build-up that caused the clogs in the first place. Backed...


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