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Hello everyone! We're Ashley + Jamin Mills from The Handmade Home, and we're thrilled to share why we love the fabulous Green Gobbler so much, with all of you today! The holidays can be crazy. So just like everyone else, we don't really have time or energy in our lives to worry about our home when something goes awry. It's essential to have Green Gobbler's wonderful products around for the holidays. All things holidays are just around the corner and...
Clearing a clog is a chore, and with so many people offering advice on ways that worked for them, it’s hard to find the right way to do it.  One of the most recommended drain clog clearing “hacks” involves bleach.  “Just pour it down your drain,” they say. “It’s cheap, easy and you already have it in your home.” But is that true? Is bleach effective in breaking up clogs? More importantly, is it safe to pour down your drains?...


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