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  White vinegar has been used for hundreds of years for all different kinds of things. The most obvious is cooking, but vinegar is also used in beauty products, medicine, maintenance, and cleaning! When you're cleaning around the house, you'll likely have lots of different products for different tasks. You might have a degreaser for your stovetop, a cleaner for your kitchen counters, an outdoor mold removal product, a disinfectant for bathroom surfaces, a glass cleaner for windows and mirrors,...
When you open your eyes in the morning and your first thought is I NEED MY FUEL, you know you have a coffee addiction. It happens to all of us. And while a coffee maker makes the process of making the coffee easy (say that five times fast), it can become difficult to clean. Like any kitchen and cooking appliance, coffee makers, both pot and single cup, can become dirty and can form buildup over time. This can cause each...
Food stains from eating on the couch? Wine stains from spilling after being tipsy? Vomit stains from after you had too much wine? Don't worry, vinegar will do you proud in removing these common stains. Vinegar is one of those versatile cleaning products that can really work wonders on all kinds of cleaning and maintenance tasks, especially stain removal. Because of vinegar's acetic acid, it is just acidic enough to really break through even the worst stains without being too...


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