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Just imagine this: it’s nearing the end of summer. The days are cooling down and the nights are getting even colder. You’re excited to finally rip open the boxes with your fall and winter clothes to reach for your favorite sweater that you’ve been yearning to cuddle up in all summer. You go to pull the sweater over your head, and the next thing you know: your pinky gets caught on a gaping rip that wasn’t there before. In shock,...
We all remember what it was like being in elementary school... That back to school time was both exciting and nerve-wracking as we had to get new school supplies, make new friends, and get back into the nightly homework routine. Some of us couldn't wait for school to begin, while the rest of us expelled tears at the thought of it. The absolute least of our worries during that time was cleaning up after ourselves, and that trait has most...
Here’s a riddle for ya… What can you use to clean your house, kill weeds, dress your salad AND flavor your potato chips?  If you guessed the ever so versatile vinegar, you’d be correct!  Vinegar can be used for SO MANY things that we might not have even believed were possible. While there is a difference between culinary versus regular, the wonders of vinegar are endless. Below is a list of uses for vinegar that you may have never thought...
Oh, summer. The time of sweltering heat waves, pool parties, and the inevitable barbecue. If you haven’t hosted a barbecue on your back porch yet, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of preparation it takes to get everything barbecue-ready. Hosting your family or your friends for some grilled foods is no easy endeavor, but it can definitely be fun! And with certain products and cleaning tips, you can get your yard completely ready for that get-together in no time!...


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