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After being cooped up all winter and spring, it's nice to finally go out into your backyard and appreciate everything nature has to offer. Getting to work on some outdoor projects is one of the best ways to enjoy the new sunshine that comes with summertime.  Here are six home improvement projects to do around the yard: 1. Plant some flowers and shrubs. There's a reason why most cities have parks and botanical gardens for people to roam around on a nice day -...
  White vinegar has many uses around the house, like cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, stain removal, and getting rid of sludge and grime in hard to reach places. But there are also several outdoor uses for vinegar that are often overlooked. If you're a homeowner with a yard or perhaps a garden, you know how taxing it can be to take care of everything during the warmer months. You may have several different products for different things: weed killers, furniture...
  Many herbicide products used on farms and in gardens contain a chemical called glyphosate. There have been reports in recent years suggesting that this chemical may possibly cause damage to wildlife and be found at certain levels in the food you eat due to the high number of farmers who use it around their crops. You can read about the health effects of glyphosate here. Because of it's potentially harmful nature, glyphosate and any product containing similar chemicals is banned...
Like clockwork, our homes become cluttered and encased in dust after approximately two seconds. But I just dusted, you may be thinking. And I just put everything away, where is all this stuff coming from?!  Unfortunately, any space that is regularly used and lived in will become messy and dirty with the blink of an eye. It’s inevitable. Think of your home like the statue of liberty. It welcomes your tired, your poor… and your cluttered messes. Cleaning is most definitely...


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