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thanksgiving outdoors

How is your curbside appeal these days? You always hear that what’s beautiful is what’s on the inside and to not judge a book by its cover. But let’s be real -- what’s on the outside matters too. At least sometimes. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year, you’ve probably already begun thinking about decorating and cleaning up the inside of your home. But what about the outside? Your friends and family will have to get from their car to your front door somehow, so preparing the outside to look nice and be safe for Great Aunt Mildred’s walker is of the utmost importance.

Are you in a cold area where you’ve got ice on your walkway? Are you in a not-so-cold area and have ugly weeds growing along your driveway? No matter where you are or what climate you’re in, sprucing up the great outdoors of your home is one task that is often overlooked when hosting events or holiday parties at your home. Here are some things you can do...


Prepare for Snow

With all the snow in the farmer’s almanac predictions for this winter, having a plan in place just in case will make you feel a whole lot better and more prepared. Whether it snows on Thanksgiving weekend or not, make sure you stock up on snow and ice melt products so that you’re ready if there happen to be any flurries or ice collection on your driveway. You don't want your guests slipping and sliding their way to your front door and possibly injuring themselves along the way.


Get Rid of Unsightly greenery (or orangery)

By greenery and orangery I mean -- weeds and fallen leaves. If the grounds aren’t quite covered in snow and ice where you live, you may still be able to see those unsightly weeds like crabgrass and invasive plants along your driveway, your walkway, and in between cracks all over your front or backyard. You may also have lots of orange and brown leaves covering every inch of your front yard. Clean up your yard by raking and removing leaves, giving grass a little trim, and getting rid of weeds with an all-natural weed killer. Maybe even put out some pretty flowers like mums around your walkway to emphasize the beauty over those unsightly weeds.


Clean Your Car

Wanna give your car a little love? Make your extended family members jealous of your shiny chariot by giving it a nice cleaning. Get rid of road dust and dirt stains from your fender and wipe away streaks from rain and snow using an auto towel specially made for car surfaces! It'll only take a half hour tops, and it'll get you feeling confident about your ride when your guests first see it sitting in your driveway.



Last but not least -- add some decorations into the mix. You’ve probably decorated the inside of your home with a cute harvest theme. But the outside could use a little warmth, too, with all the cold weather that’s to come. Consider hanging a welcome sign on your front door, or putting out some pumpkins and gourds, or adding some lights to the windows. These small changes will make your guests feel just a little more welcomed and enticed to enter your home. And you'll feel proud every time you pull into your driveway!

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