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Toilets can become overwhelmed from overuse and abuse over time. This can end with your toilet not flushing properly or a clog forming, resulting in the need for a drain opener. But what if your drain opener isn't working? Don't blame the drain opener just yet; the reason for your assumed "clog" could just be weather.

Rain can cause problems with your home's drainage system. Depending on how long and how heavily it has rained in your area, the ground can become soaking wet from the surface to several feet down. And if you're a homeowner with a septic tank, this can pose a problem for your drainage system.

If it rained heavily, there are several things that can wreak havoc on septic systems. The moisture could leak through and overflow through the cracks into your septic tank or cesspool, or the worse alternative, the excessive pressure could actually crack or damage your septic tank cap or pipes.


How to Fix it

There are a few ways you can go about fixing this issue, and unfortunately, they don't involve using a drain cleaner on your own. 

1. You can wait a day or two after the rain stops to see if the flushing improves. When the ground is saturated, a septic tank may not work properly, so waiting until the ground has dried is a good idea in order to assess whether you need professional help or not.

2. If the issue doesn't resolve on its own in a day or two, call a plumber. A plumber can assess the issue and determine if it would benefit you to have your septic tank pumped so that the overflow of water can be removed, returning your system to health. Or a plumber may notice the damage done to your tank or the pipes leading to your tank and recommend repairs.

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