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Like clockwork, our homes become cluttered and encased in dust after approximately two seconds. But I just dusted, you may be thinking. And I just put everything away, where is all this stuff coming from?!  Unfortunately, any space that is regularly used and lived in will become messy and dirty with the blink of an eye. It’s inevitable. Think of your home like the statue of liberty. It welcomes your tired, your poor… and your cluttered messes.

Cleaning is most definitely a chore, but with the right tactics and the right cleaning supplies, you can make the whole process a bit easier on you, and dare I say, even fun...

So, How Do You Make Cleaning Fun?

BLAST MUSIC - Everyone has some sweet tunes that they love. And even if you don’t have a 300-song playlist on your phone - putting on the radio, some youtube playlists, or even a podcast while you clean will keep you entertained and make the time fly by, especially since many of you won't be going out much in the near future.

SCHEDULE IT - Make cleaning a whole plan. Schedule days and times of the week where you will clean certain things instead of waiting until you feel obligated to. Check out this cleaning schedule for inspiration!

Cleaning Made EASY with GREAT Cleaning Supplies

With the right cleaning supplies, your home, your yard, your patio, and your car can become a spotless haven in no time, with little effort. Stock up on some of these handy dandy maintenance helpers to aid you in your quest for cleanliness! All are available online at your convenience! 

Surface Cleaners

wiping down surface with sponge


Yes, vinegar - the same stuff you put on your salad. But this product isn’t your traditional 5% food-grade vinegar. It’s 6x the strength, made only for cleaning, and can be used for SO MANY things around the house. From wiping down countertops to deodorizing laundry, vinegar is an easy and cheap household staple for cleaning and maintenance! Check out 30 uses for vinegar that you may have never thought of before, and get yourself some vinegar for your home & garden ASAP! You're going to need it.

Orange Oil

We’ve all heard how essential oils can be used in cleaning, and of course, for the good smells. The all-time best oil for cleaning is concentrated orange oil, which contains d-limonene, a powerful degreaser in the kitchen and a deep cleanser and polisher for countertops, upholstery, and more! Not only that, but it leaves behind a heavenly scent, so you won’t have to spend your money on air fresheners. Pair vinegar’s cleansing and deodorizing qualities with orange oil’s refreshing & aromatic splendor for a great home-cleaning combo!

Miracle Scrub

Use a magical scrub that will deep clean a wide variety of surfaces without leaving behind ugly scratches and marks. Use it to deep clean your barbecue, your oven, kitchen appliances, tile, pots & pans, walls, glass, chrome, marble, stainless steel, and so much more! It can remove rust stains and make metal and tile look just like new, all while revitalizing and cleaning deep below the surface.

Pet Mess

Pee-yew! Those gross stains and odors left behind after your pet’s accident can really put a damper on your relaxation time at home. Use this product to get rid of the stains AND the horrific smells from your pet’s little accident without the use of harsh chemicals on your floors and carpets. Because this product contains safer ingredients than other carpet stain and odor removers, your pets and children can roam freely right after application.

Bathroom Cleaners

wiping down sink in bathroom

Drain Strips

Get rid of disgusting drain and sink smells with these deodorizing drain strips! No one wants embarrassing odors emanating from their sinks and toilets. Just put these drain strips inside your drains. Your work will be done all while you sit on the couch.

Rust & Stain Remover

Remove rust stains from your toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower with this great stain remover! Rusty stains can often look like something else… something unspeakable. Don’t let the crusty brown rings hang around. All you have to do is pour this formula into your sink, tub, or toilet and allow it to sit and soak for two hours, then wash it away! The formula will break down the rusty stains so you won’t have to do any crazy scrubbing.

Clog Remover

Clear clogs by liquefying hair, toilet paper and soap scum with this clog remover! Paying a plumber to enter your home may not be an option during the current state of the world. Use a simple solution by ordering a drain clog remover online!

Septic Saver

Use this product to prevent problems with your septic system before they evolve into costly disasters that can permanently damage your system. Keep your plumbing clean and healthy in order to keep your bathroom in tip-top shape and avoid gross toilet overflows.

Outdoor Cleaners

killing weeds with spray

20% Vinegar Weed Killer

Maintain a healthy yard and garden by killing weeds naturally and making room for beneficial and beautiful plants to grow this Spring! All you have to do is spray directly on weeds and watch them wither away! And the best part is… vinegar is safe for us, for animals, and for the environment, unlike other weed killers. 

Auto Towels

Don’t drive around in a dirty car anymore! Use this waterless microfiber mitt to wipe it all away so your car will look as good as new! If you have dust, dirt, sticker residue, pollen, or sludge on the outside or inside of your car, this product will allow you to clear it away in no time.

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