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What are people doing with all that toilet paper they're hoarding? You may wonder the effects that flushing heaps of paper down the toilet can have on your septic system.

While many of you are at home using more of your resources than usual, you might not even think about the fact that your toilets and septic tanks may not be ready for the amount of extra traffic coming their way. 

Constant usage of toilets connected through septic systems can eventually lead to clogging, even under seemingly normal conditions. But when you're home all day and flushing toilet paper every couple of hours, it can take a toll on your entire system and lead to an overflow. And oftentimes your family members may flush things down the toilet that shouldn't be flushed, like paper towels or certain other products that can clog up your tank.

Toilet paper is always septic safe. As long as you're flushing regular, designated toilet paper, your tank should remain okay. The problem arises when you flush huge wads of toilet paper all at once, and often throughout the day. 

To avoid stopping up your septic system with toilet paper or any other organic matter you've been flushing, use a product that will dissolve away matter inside your tank and prevent a backup. 

Best Septic Tank Maintenance Product

A great product is Septic Blast, which will eliminate the organic matter inside your tank. It contains beneficial enzymes that will break down paper, hair, grease, and more without damaging your pipes or your septic system. It's perfect for restoring and maintaining the bacterial balance of your septic system and will also rid your drains of any foul smells caused by clogging.

While you're at home, make home maintenance a priority by taking care of the things you need most. Take care of your toilets, take care of your ovens, your washing machines, your floors, but most importantly, take care of your health.


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Which product do you recommend to unclog a septic tank and to help maintain it

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