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winter storm power outage

Winter is coming!

Get ready for family gatherings, comfort food, and frigid temperatures. There is lots to look forward to -- but also much to dread. Snow can be beautiful in small quantities, but when a full-on storm rolls in, the effects can be long-lasting. You may have several feet of snow at your front door, or your power may go out, or maybe even a few trees fall from all the weight that the snow put on its shoulders.

These are all serious possibilities. Especially because the predictions for this winter include lots of snowfall and precipitation in some states. Make sure you put in a little effort before a storm hits so that you're prepared and ready for whatever the weather might throw at you.

How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Weather reports are the most accurate only 3-5 days in the future. So when a storm is coming, you will only have a few days between when you find out and when it strikes. That's why it's important to have a winter storm plan in place ahead of time so that you won't be scrambling around to stock up on supplies and prepare your home at the last second.

Stock up on emergency supplies

Be fully prepared with canned goods, blankets, flash lights, and candles just in case your power goes out and you're stuck inside with no food or hot water. Make sure you have extra food for your pets, as well as extra blankets. Dogs get cold, too! The last thing you want is to be stuck in your home for 24 hours or more with no food and no warmth.

Sign up for weather alerts

Stay in the know by signing up for weather alerts in your area so that you know the trajectory and severity of any nasty weather coming your way. If you can't sign up for alerts, then make sure you stay on top of the news on TV or radio to learn if there will be heavy snow, icy roads, or blizzard conditions. Be aware of any travel advisories -- and listen to them!

Don't go out until it's safe

Wait until the winter storm has stopped and the streets are fully plowed and ice-free before going out. Driving in dangerous road conditions can cause skidding, which can wreak horrible damage on your car, and may increase your risk for car accidents. It can be even more dangerous for cars that don't have four-wheel drive. Don't take the risk by going out until roads are cleared of ice and snow.

Melt ice on your driveway yourself

If you want to be REALLY prepared, get yourself an ice melt product that will melt ice instantly by generating exothermic heat. Make sure you choose an ice melt that is safe for the environment and for your driveway, as the last thing you want is concrete spalling and potholes to form because of a corrosion-causing product.

Choose a product like these, which melt ice in frigid temperatures, won't harm grasses or pavement, and will begin to melt ice INSTANTLY on contact. Don't settle for well-known products like rock salt, which only works in 20 degree weather and will cause major damage to your property and wildlife. Be prepared before the first winter storm with an ice melt product that is right for you!

If you know a winter storm is heading your way, be even more proactive by spreading snow and ice melt pellets along your driveway before the first snowflake hits the ground. When the snow hits the ice melt pellets, it will begin melting, therefore resulting in less snow and ice coverage on your property.

snow and ice meltsnow and ice melt pet safe

Stock up on winter storm supplies before it's too late!

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