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Thanks to a ruling on Monday in a San Francisco courtroom, Monsanto, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, is now under fire for its widely used herbicide: Roundup.  Dewayne Johnson, a 46-year-old former groundskeeper, filed suit against Monsanto, claiming that he developed a terminal form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma from his exposure to Roundup. He says the company acted in malice and did not do enough to warn customers of the potential dangers of repeated exposure. The jury ruled in...
Sputtering showerhead? Thanks to the natural minerals present in hard water, calcium and iron can build up inside of those little holes in your showerhead. If your shower isn’t flowing like it used to, don’t worry: in just a few simple steps, you can clear away what’s clogging it up -- and it doesn’t take a specialty cleaner or a specific tool. All you need is water, white vinegar, a sandwich bag and a rubber band (or a heavy-duty twist...


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