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Boiler Treat Ultra -Delimer & Descaler

$ 39.99

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Calcium, lime, and scale can build up quickly inside of condenser coils and pipes in boiler systems. If your system is slowing down, it’s time to invest in a fast, powerful, and effective product to get your boiler back in shape. For safer reduction of boiler scale, choose Boiler Treat ULTRA+. This 100% acid-free product removes scale and rust 10% better than muriatic acid without posing a threat to your personnel, equipment, or the environment. Boiler Treat ULTRA+ is a non-fuming and non-corrosive formula that tackles rust and scale in heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, evaporative coolers, and similar water systems. Additionally, this formula is odorless, non-fuming, and non-irritating to the skin.


Sold Out