Liquid Drain Clog Dissolver - 1 Gallon


Slow-moving drains can be a big problem, but they're no problem for the Green Gobbler. The biodegradable formula in this Drain Clog Dissolver cuts through the tough stuff like hair, grease, toilet paper, and all that other junk that's cloggin' your pipes better than your bleach-based clog removers. And this will sink through standin' water to get to em.

Doesn't matter if the clog is in the toilet or your kitchen sink, the Gobbler's safe for all pipes and septic systems. Plus, it's odorless. So, it doesn't smell like a burnin' chemical plant. And if ya still don't like it, take it back for a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, whatever clog's holdin' up your pipes, Let the Gobbler Get It.


  • DISSOLVE WHAT CAUSES CLOGS: Forget the dirty work of plunging clogged toilets and backed-up drains. Green Gobbler sinks through standing water to clear clogs and keep your plumbing flowing properly. It dissolves hair, grease, soap scum, toilet paper, flushable wipes and organic matter.
  • EASY TO USE PACKAGING, POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE FORMULA: This drain and pipe cleaner is a simple and highly effective way to eliminate clogs. This bottle provides up to eight clog remover treatments.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Green Gobbler is safe to use in pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and septic systems. Our formula is non-corrosive to plumbing and an excellent alternative to traditional bleach-based drain openers.
  • NO BLEACH OR FUMES: Odorless and free of fumes, it's safe for PVC, ABS, copper and cast iron household pipes. The formula doesn't contain bleach or sodium hydroxide. The ingredients naturally break down in the environment.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We stand by our products. Green Gobbler is guaranteed or your money back. Simply contact our customer service team if you are unhappy with your results. 
  • BIODEGRADABLE FORMULA: Odorless, biodegradable formula helps to dissolve grease, hair, fats and soap

Sinks and Tubs: Pour 1/8 of bottle (16oz) slowly into the drain. Allow product to sit in drain for 15-30 minutes or overnight for optimal results. Rinse or wipe with wet cloth any excess product left behind. Then flush with hot tap water for 5 minutes.

For extremely difficult obstructions, pour second treatment and allow product to sit in drain overnight. Rinse or wipe with wet cloth any excess product left behind. Then flush with hot tap water, letting faucet run for 5 minutes (use caution when handling hot water). 

Toilets: Pour 1/4 of bottle (32oz) slowly into the toilet. Allow product to sit at least 2 hours or overnight for optimal results. Once water has come down to normal level, close lid and flush toilet. If toilet overflows, wipe and rinse floors immediately.

What are the ingredients in Dissolve?

Dissolve contains a proprietary patented ingredient designed to safely remove clogs from drains and toilets.

Does Dissolve contain sodium hydroxide?

No. It doesn't.

What will Dissolve work on?

Dissolve is primarily used to liquefy hair, flushable wipes, toilet paper, soap scum and flushable feminine products. Unfortunately, it will not liquefy plastic products, metal products, toys and fabrics.

Is Dissolve Toilet, Kitchen Sink and Septic tank Safe?

Yes. It is completely Toilet, Kitchen Sink and Septic Tank Safe.

Does Dissolve contain any harmful chemicals such as chlorine/chloride or any halide chemicals?

No. It contains no chlorine/chloride or halide chemicals.

Is Dissolve safe for all types of pipes and drain systems?

Yes. It is non acidic and won’t harm or affect the pipes in any negative way.

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