Powder Plunger (16.5 oz) Toilet Clog Remover

$ 8.99
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    Green Gobbler Powder Plunger is the only drain opener safe to use in toilets. Safe, easy, and effective. Opens tough toilet clogs and is safe for your septic system. Clear the clog! 
    • Wont harm toilets like other drain openers 
    • Single dose system - one treatment per pouch to safely pour the correct amount to clear your toilet bowl clog. 
    • No splashing, no waste, no measuring
    • Breaks down toilet paper, feminine products, and sludge
    • Use in your first floor toilet once per month to keep main sewer clean and prevent any potential back-ups. 
    INSTRUCTIONS: Pour entire contents of the pouch into the toilet bowl. Allow Powder Plunger to sit in bowl at least 1 hour then flush. If possible, allow to sit in bowl overnight, then flush.
    NOTE: If water level is abnormally high, allow water to reduce by 50% before flushing. For tough clogs, repeat treatment.