MIRACLE SCRUB Powdered Cleaner

$ 4.99

5% of proceeds will be donated to St. Judes!

Green Gobbler - Miracle Scrub Powder Cleanser (12 oz.) is a highly effective non-chemical, scrubbing cleaner. Instantly erase away stubborn stains from dirt, grime, grease, hard water stains and rust. 

  • Multipurpose cleaner with no chemicals
  • Concentrated, dye-free, non-corrosive, and unscented 
  • Scratch free and safe for concrete, fiberglass, glass, laminate, and metal. 
  • Helps remove adhesives, corrosion, rust, baked on grease, grime, water stains, glues, ink, hair products, mildew, oil, scruff marks, tarnish, and wax 
  • Great for cleaning stainless steel, glass and metal stoves tops, windows and windshields, copper and brass, plastic, tile, porcelain, painted wood and wall


  1. Simply shake powder onto surface stains and polish away with a moistened paper towel or cloth.
  2. Create a paste by mixing powder with small amounts of water. Use paste on paper towel or cloth to polish away stains.