Snow & Ice Melt

Snow & Ice Melt

  • What Rock Salt is Safe for Pets?

    When winter weather strikes, many homeowners pick up the cheapest bag of rock salt they can find. But is “cheap rock salt” really the best option for your furry friends? Let's find out.

  • Ice Melt: The Best Way to Remove Ice & Snow

    There are a few solid options to melt snow and remove ice when keeping a driveway safe from slick conditions. Although we can’t attest to the flamethrower (we tried, R&D wouldn’t approve), we’ve done extensive research on other ice melt methods during our quest to create amore effective alternative to rock salt.

  • The 5 Benefits of Ice Melt

    At Green Gobbler, we want to keep our driveways and walkways as safe as possible when inevitable icy conditions arise. We highly recommend stocking up on Snow & Ice Pellets before winter starts to keep ice at bay and your driveway and walkways safe. Here are the best benefits of Green Gobbler Ice Melt: