Is Vinegar Weed Killer Safe for Animals?

When you use chemical herbicides on your lawn, it's best to play it safe and wait about 72 hours before letting your pets or children play on the treated area. We know this might result in rioting, as your children slowly inch their way toward the backyard door to get out and play. All this because of a silly herbicide that could easily be replaced with something better.

One of the best alternatives to dangerous herbicides can be found right in your pantry: It's vinegar!

How Safe is Vinegar Weed Killer?

Vinegar has amazing weed-killing properties without all the rough side effects. It's safe for the environment and won't pollute the air — or rivers and oceans if run-off occurs. That's a stark contrast to many other chemicals you might use in your yard.

The best thing about vinegar weed killer is you don't have to wait the allotted time-period before venturing out onto your lawn. You can let your eager children come onto the lawn to frolic without fear of them accidentally inhaling dangerous chemicals or getting a rash on their skin.

Is Vinegar Safe for Animals?

Vinegar is safe if used around wildlife, and you can let your pets run and play outside right after application. Your dog doesn't have to sit by the back door staring at what was once an open yard for playing. You can let them out to play right away with no questions asked. Your dog will thank you later!

If you're looking for a trusted vinegar alternative, check out Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer. It's derived from corn, safe for pets and features a biodegradable formula with no dyes or chemical additives.

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