Pet Lovers Struggling This Winter: Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt


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True story, I put on my Ugg’s to take my fur babe, Louis on a walk the other day when without even getting halfway down the driveway, I fell right on my you know what. A delivery driver driving past even witnessed the mildly embarrassing moment. It was that one kind of ice. You know, the one where the ice gets so nasty that you’d need an ice pick or sledgehammer to practically break it apart.

Believe me, I wanted to try both. I was so desperate, I even thought about pouring hot water on it – haha, blonde moment. It was then that I discovered Green Gobbler and I’m so thankful for my fur babe and I that I did. I’m elated at how safe and effective this product is compared to other products on the market. So many products include many toxic ingredients that we would never want around our pets and plants.

Not to mention, they cause tummy issues and can burn and irritate our pet’s paws! I had never even thought to be worried about harsh chemicals in ice melt that are harmful to our pups! Insert your new forever favorite Winter friend! You guys, Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt is an absolute lifesaver: literally and figuratively. Not only for our loveable fur babes but the environment, our children and even our landscaping.

Made of magnesium chloride, it melts snow and ice in extremely cold temperatures even as low as -10°F. Trust me when I say, it works FAST! I honestly have never seen something work quite as well and SO quickly as Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt.

I sprinkled this on before a light snow and came out shortly after to find a completely cleared, melted and undamaged driveway and sidewalk – the snow never even had a chance to freeze or take anyone down with it. I was able to take Louis out for a walk without worry and even cleared a little path for Louis from the back-patio door to the grass via pavers.

We all know how slippery those can get. The path never froze over and Louis was able to go out to potty without any worry or irritation to his paws or to our pavers. HALLELUJAH!

In the state that we live in, we get over 300 days of sunshine. We consider ourselves very lucky that the snow most times doesn’t stick around for long BUT that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get messy, ICY, and dangerous especially for our pets, neighbors and kids.

At our home, our driveway hardly ever sees the sun so the snow and ice sticks around and basically becomes a small ice-skating rink. This is incredibly unsafe for anyone who passes by walking their pets. I also think of our essential workers that are already working over--time and risking their lives in these conditions to keep up in the Winter holiday season.

With Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt, I rarely have to worry about needing to shovel too much. It’s such a relief to use this product knowing I’m not exposing my puppy to something so aggressive and toxic or permanently damaging my landscaping and concrete.

Furthermore, with how fast it works to melt the snow & ice, I spend much less time needing to shovel and more time playing with my pup and kiddos!

Rewind to a few years back at our old home, I remember using a traditional ice melt one time on our front porch steps(they were pretty dicey) only to find out that when the sun came out and finally melted the snow, it had pitted and stained our concrete, and even some of our plants ended up dying.

When you trust a product to deliver and they fail you, you never forget. I can only imagine what the other kinds of products do to our poor puppies’ paws and it's a shame to see it all over our streets and our sidewalks every winter without fail. I was so disappointed and haven’t used anything since up until trying my new hero, Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt!

Green Gobbler is founded on the idea of making powerful products to solve the dirty, messy and hard-to-solve problems and made with customers’ health and happiness in mind. Who doesn’t love and stand by a brand who cares about their customers and what they’re putting in their products? I never realized how horrible the commercial rock salt along with the other ones out on the market were for not only our pets, but for our landscaping and environment too! Green Gobbler is not only SAFER for pets (for their paws and won’t cause gastrointestinal issues) but also:

  • The round pellets make it easy to use in various ice melt spreaders
  • Non-corrosive to concrete & pavers and safe for plants
  • Leaves no lingering residue
  • Less corrosive on metal

What more can I say? It spreads evenly and without clumping and a little bit goes a very long way. I sprinkle it down before a snowfall to prevent accumulation and spread after a snowfall to melt snow and ice. It works like a charm! Oh, and better yet you can get it quickly on Amazon!

It’s nice to be able to go outside while it’s snowing and not worry about the amount of work you have to do or the anxiety of what will happen to our fur babes by using a certain product. Instead, you can just enjoy the safety while making new memories with your pets and children when using Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt.

For all my pet lovers, I will be the first to admit, there’s nothing cuter than seeing my sweet little Louis in a his winter gear and he loves to wear a sweater now and then(wink, wink or maybe I enjoy it a little more than he does) but when it comes to getting him to wear those little snow booties, you’re out of your mind.

He refuses to wear anything like and yet there’s nothing more sensitive than their little paws. Sometimes we can feel so helpless. I mean, imagine us walking out in the snow and ice barefooted. How do you think our pets feel going outside in these conditions? Don’t worry any longer!

My fellow pet lovers, you can celebrate, you no longer have to fight or rely on those little booties to protect your pet’s paws, Green Gobbler has your back!

PRO TIP: To all you pet lovers struggling this Winter, the answer is easy. All you have to do is stock up on Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt. You can thank me later!

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